Assistantships and Fellowships

The Department of Agronomy encourages potential and current graduate students to pursue one or more of the following opportunities. Please note that for some of these opportunities the student must apply and for others the student is nominated by a faculty member. To be nominated by a faculty member, contact a faculty member in your interest area.

Standard Research Assistantships (nominated by faculty member)

Standard Agronomy Research and Teaching Assistantships offer a yearly stipend of $22,248 (beginning July 1, 2014), benefits, and either full or partial tuition support in exchange for service to the Department of Agronomy. The standard appointment is half-time equivalent to 20 hours of service per week. Arrangements must be made with a specific research adviser supervisor. To be considered for a research or teaching assistantship, prospective graduate students should contact individual faculty and then must apply to Iowa State being careful to observe the "Program Requirement" of the specific research major (agricultural meteorology, crop production and physiology, plant breeding, or soil sceince). Nominations may be made year-round.

College of Agriculture Scholarships (student must apply)

The College of Agriculture at Iowa State University offers several graduate student scholarships for graduate students enrolled in the College. Applications are accepted between December 26 and February 15. Recipients are notified in late March. Awards are applied in one-half increments to the student's fall and spring fees the following academic year.

External Fellowships (student must apply)

Students that hold federally-funded and on-campus fellowships or support from sources outside of the United States are welcome to join the Department of Agronomy. Fellowship students must apply to Iowa State before graduate study can begin. The current tuition and fee schedule can be found here. Application deadline is set by the granting agency.


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