Agricultural Issues


Agronomy students are required to take a course in agricultural issues. Please note that in some options such a course is already included in the required courses.

AGRON 342: World Food Issues: Past and Present 3 cr.
AGRON 404: Global Change 3 cr.
AGRON 446:International Issues and Challenges in Sustainable Development 3 cr.
AGRON 450: Issues in Sustainable Agriculture 3 cr.
AGRON 497: Agroecology Field Course 3 cr.
CRP 293: Environmental Planning 3 cr.
ECON 362: Applied Ethics in Agriculture 3 cr.
ECON 376: Rural, Urban, and Regional Economics 3 cr.
ENV S 334: Environmental Ethics 3 cr.
ENV S 380: Environmental and Resource Economics 3 cr.
ENV S 491: Environmental Law and Planning 3 cr.
HORT 424: Sustainable and Environmental Horticulture Systems 3 cr.
PHIL 336: Bioethics and Biotechnology 3 cr.
POL S 480: Ethics and Public Policy 3 cr.
SOC 325: Transition in Agricluture 3 cr.
SOC 382: Environmental Sociology 3 cr.
SOC 415: Dynamics of Social Change 3 cr.