Leadership Requirement


The AGRON 105 Leadership Requirement affords the student an opportunity to practice activities that enhance the leadership and group-dynamics skills required by employers of our graduates. Students can fulfill the requirement either by participating in a leadership role or by taking a course that has the subject of leadership as one of the primary course objectives.

During their college career Agronomy majors meet the requirement by doing one of the following:

  1. Being an officer in a club, student organization, or community service organization.
  2. Being a chair of two significant committees that require people management to get a job/task/objective done.
  3. Being a crew leader or section leader on a summer job, a floor president in their residence hall, or with military leadership experience, etc.
  4. Completing one of the following courses:
    • AGEDS 315    Personal, Professional, and Entrepreneurial Leadership in Agriculture
    • COMST 317    Small Group Communication
    • MGMT 370      Management of Organizations
    • LLS 112           Foundations of Learning and Productive Team Membership
    • PSYCH 280    Social Psychology
    • SOC 305         Social Psychology: A Sociological Perspective

Consult your adviser to determine exactly how you will fulfill the leadership requirement. The student’s adviser will determine when the student has met the learning outcomes of Agron 105.

Students who meet the AGRON 105 Leadership requirement will exhibit:

  1. Trust in the abilities of people under their leadership by:
    1. Willingly sharing information and resources
    2. Fostering an environment of collaboration and openness and facilitating relationships with team members
    3. Using others’ abilities and expertise by structuring projects to promote a joint effort
    4. Utilizing others’ ideas, considering alternative viewpoints, and allowing others to make decisions
  2. Core values of a leader by:
    1. Articulating the mission and vision of the task
    2. Taking responsibility and accountability for outcomes they are responsible for
    3. Acting with optimism and setting positive expectations
    4. Helping others to understand their roles in the task or organization and encouraging others to accept accountability
    5. Promoting an environment of inclusiveness, accountability, truthfulness, and honesty
    6. Keeping promises and commitments and following through on all assignments
    7. Demonstrating preparedness in meetings and effectively managing time and energy for self and others
Internship Requirement

The internship encourages students to get personal experience working within specific areas of agronomy to provide opportunities for students to apply agronomic principles they have learned in the classroom. Students can satisfy this requirement by working in an agronomic area for the equivalent of six months full time during summers or the school year. Students have fulfilled this requirement in the past by working for cooperatives, seed companies, chemical companies, crop consulting firms, farmers, government agencies, research projects, and others. Part-time work in agronomy during the school year can also help satisfy this requirement. Some students elect to take a semester off from their studies to pursue a longer internship lasting January through August or May through December.

  • AGRON 310 Professional Development in Agronomy: Work Experience. Cr. R. F.S.SS. Professional work experience in Agronomy. See adviser for departmental requirements. Satisfactory-fail only.

  • AGRON 311. Professional Internship in Agronomy. (1-0) Cr. 1. Repeatable. F.S. Prereq: Agron 110, Agronomy majors only, permission of instructor before internship begins. Wiedenhoeft. A supervised learning experience in a professional setting related to crop production, plant breeding, or soil science.

Opportunities to fulfill the internship requirement are found through personal contacts, the Agriculture Career Services Office, the Agronomy Club, and agronomy faculty.

Consult your adviser to determine exactly how you will fulfill the internship requirement.