Judging Teams

Soil Judging Team

Coach: Amber Anderson-Mba (aandmba@iastate.edu)

The Soil Judging Team evaluates soil properties and considers land-use potential. The team competes in local, regional, and national competitions with other collegiate teams. It is a great way to get hands-on experience.

The Soil Judging Team at Regionals Hosted by Iowa State University

Soil Judging contests consist of four subject areas:

  • Recognizing soil horizons and describing the properites of each.
  • Analyzing the landscape and geology of the site.
  • Classifying the soils according to the U.S. Soil Taxonomy.
  • Interpreting soil information for agricultural, engineering, and other land uses.

Crops Team

Contact: Erik Christian (echrstn@iastate.edu)

The ISU crops team helps prepare students for a career as agronomists by teaching them skills such as plant, insect, and disease identification as well as problem solving. Each year the team travels to compete at the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) contest which is held at various locations across the country. The ISU team of approximately 8 – 10 students competes against other four year universities. Also during the competition the team travels to farms and agriculture businesses to learn about the local agriculture. The team is open to all interested students.

Crop Judging Team Crop Judging Team Crop Judging Team